Once upon a time, there was a tribe of people who live 13,000 feet above sea level in the Andes mountains of Peru. They were an unreached people group. Believe it or not! They had never had the blessing of hearing the name of Jesus and learning of His love for them. That’s right! In these modern times of the 21st century, they had never heard His name. Not even on TV because TV does not reach them there.

But “time” changed for them in July of this year, 2019. A missions team from America, called Honoring The Father, went to where they live and told them the story of Jesus. The greatest story that can ever be told finally reached their ears and theirs hearts. Twenty-seven of them believed on the Lord Jesus Christ that day and were saved! Hallelujah!

The people you see in the picture above are the twenty-seven members of that tribe who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. They have been moved from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. Heaven has gained some new citizens, and we have gained some new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Scattered among them are some of the team who were the first ones to ever tell them about Jesus. What an honor was bestowed upon them by our heavenly Father. Aside from the adult leaders of the team, the group was made of young people: of the millennial generation. This was a life changing experience for them. They will never be the same again as they were when they left home. Who knows but what God will call some of them to become full-time missionaries.


One of the Peruvian pastors that Honoring The Father works with in Lima, had heard there might be an unreached tribe in this area of the Andes. He asked the team leaders if they would consider going there to check it out.

  • The trip would be difficult.
  • It would take 15 hours of travel time from Lima.
  • They would have to cross over a ridge that is 16,000 feet above sea level in order to get to this tribe.
  • There would be the possibility of high altitude sickness, which can be very serious. (Some of the young people did get sick. They don’t care.)

The team leaders prayed and sensed the peace of God about going. The rest is now history!

That Peruvian pastor will continue going back to that tribe to teach them about their new life in Christ, and hopefully gain more believers in Christ.


Next year these same team leaders will be making another trip to these same people. The team will be made up of some of the fathers of the young people who went this year. It will be the first time these fathers have gone on a missions trip. They have been so touched by the reports from their children they are compelled to go also. How wonderful is that? They will be taking Bibles and other supplies to help them

What a tragedy it would be if the team leaders had said, “No, we can’t go.”

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