It was August, 2003. I was in Nigeria, conducting my Annual Pastor’s Wives and Women in Ministry Conference, when I received an unexpected call from my husband. We were scheduled to speak in a Missions Convention in September, and the leader was needing the title of my topic for advertising purposes. I had not yet settled on a topic because of preparing for my Conference, so I told him I would let him know in a day or two. Immediately, I went to the Lord in prayer. “Lord, what message do you want me to take to this convention?” Before that “day or two” was over, the Lord spoke to me in my spirit, “Finish the Work.” I quickly sent the information to my husband.


Every time I was invited to speak before an assembly of believers, I ended up speaking on “Finish the Work.” Most of those times, I had prepared to speak on another topic. But just before my time to speak, the Lord would instruct me to speak, again, on “Finish the Work.”


Here I am today. These many years later. Sixteen, to be exact. This time I am writing a blog. I know what the Lord wants to accomplish through this blog, but I have struggled over what I should say in the first post. The first one is very important. It sets the stage for every post to come. I have made numerous attempts to “start,” but the Holy Spirit has constrained me every time. Finally! Today! The Lord has spoken to me, again…”Finish the Work.” 


It seems quite obvious to me that the Lord is trying to send a message to His people. He wants us to finish the work that was set in motion 2000 years ago in the life, ministry, death, resurrection of Jesus, and His commissioning of The Twelve to:

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” and “…make disciples of all the nations.:  

(Mark 16:15) (Matthew 28:19)


Will we be like children who hear their parents tell them to perform a certain task, but instead, they continue doing their own thing; disregarding their parents instruction? I pray that will not be the case with us. 


Every post on this blog will deal with some aspect of missions ministry. And there are many aspects. It is my hope that you will find yourself drawn again and again to this site. I also hope that you will be blessed by each post you read. And, perhaps, most importantly, I hope that you will discover what your place is in this most important endeavor of life…missions ministry. It is the beat of God’s heart.

“For God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

(John 3:16)

This is His whole desire for mankind. And, it will never change.


I believe the most simple answer is that it will take more of everything that is already being done. And, I must let you know that A GREAT DEAL is being done right now; all of which I wholeheartedly applaud. This is a complex question that requires more than one simple answer. My best effort will be given to help answer it in upcoming posts over time.

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  1. Occupy till I come! , Daniel 11:32, Those that know their God shall be strong and make historic and significant impact! . Exploit means to use up every opportunity and resource to finish the work He has given us to do. Great theme.. Thanks Mary Ann for the impartation. Wade and Linda, Germany..


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