On October 4, 2019, an unsuspected encounter took place between the people in a remote village outside the city of Mampong, Ghana, W. Africa, and a pastor/evangelist/missionary and his team from America, Joe Kirkwood. He and his team were in Ghana for the purpose of conducting evangeistic crusades in the area. Pastor Joe has been doing this kind of work in Ghana for decades.

While in the area, they discovered a remote village and went there to sightsee. Much to their surprise, they learned the people were nomads. They had come south from the north part of Ghana to work in the fields in the area.

It took a while to find a common language to communicate with them, because they have their own language, Cocomae. The language the team was communicating in is Twi. It was learned that one woman in the tribe could speak Twi, so Pastor Joe spoke in English, his interpreter then spoke in Twi to the woman in the tribe who spoke Twi. She in turn spoke to her tribesmen in their language, Cocomae.


I really do wish I had a picture to show you. Sometimes during overseas travel and the return trip home, it just isn’t easy to get everything done one wants to do. Hopefully, my description will be helpful in “showing” their surroundings.

Since they are nomads, they have no permanent dwellings. When they arrive at their next stopping place, they erect “homes” out of tree limbs and palm fronds. Each home is approximately 15′ long and maybe 9′ wide with a door in the center and a low pitch roof. Light brown is the color of everything.

Imagine any picture you have seen of people who live in the rural areas of anywhere in Africa, and you have a picture of the parents and children that make up this tribe.

There are about 150 people in this tribe.


It didn’t take long to learn these people had never heard of Jesus. A glorious opportunity to preach Jesus was right in front of them. And that is exactly what Pastor Joe did. He preahed! Approximately 75% of the people (112), including the Chief, heard the message and believed on Jesus as their Savior! What a wonderful testimony! Reaching the Unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Talk about fulfilling and rewarding!

I call this a divine encounter. The team was in Ghana to preach Jesus. Yes. But this tribe was not listed on the schedule of venues. This tribe, on the other hand, needed to hear about Jesus. So, God put it in the team’s heart to go sightseeing in their village. Coincidence? No. Providence.

Oh! The Love of God! I am reminded of a chorus that says, “Oh, how He loves you and me.” I want to change it to say, “Oh, how He loves them and us. Oh, how He loves them and us. He gave His life. What more could He do. Oh, how He loves them. Oh, how He loves us. Oh, how He loves them and us.”

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We have known Joe Kirkwood a very long time. When he was about 8 years old, we became part of the pastoral staff at his home church. We weren’t there enough years to see how God called him and began developing him for the ministry he now has in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, I rejoice in all God is doing in and through his life.

On top of that, Ghana was the first country God sent us to as missionaries. That was in 1979. In 1984 Pastor Joe made his first trip to Ghana. And our paths crossed again. This little tidbit gives me great joy.

We serve a wonderful Savior and Lord!


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