Monday’s! They come around so soon! Sooner than most of us want. Right? A friend of mine who was wishing for more “weekend” time as Monday was approaching once said, “What? Friday ended just 5 minutes ago!”

I have another friend who dreads the weekends. Things are too quiet. The time seems to drag on. But when Monday comes, life becomes full again with routine and other people, bringing joy and happiness.

Both viewpoints are legitimate ways to look at “the day,” whatever day it is. But there is a better way for all of us to look at our “Mondays.”

“This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

The Psalmist was speaking prophetically about the coming of Jesus, but we can apply this verse to our everyday lives as well. Today, this day, is the day the Lord has made, for He has made all of the days.

If we can learn to rejoice in the fact that we actually have another day in which to live and breathe and have our being, we will truly be blessed.

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