Benefits Of Attending Church

“I wad glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.”

Psalm 122:1

A few days ago a beautiful young mother posted on Facebook why she takes her children to church. She is the mother of four energetic handsome boys from about four to ten years of age. You can imagine how active and busy her life is. If you have any sons, you can paint a mental picture of all the energy it takes to get them ready to go anywhere.

She said she does not take them to church because it’s easy, or because they always want to go, or because she can always see positive changes in their young lives. Yet.

She takes them to church where they will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, believing that someday it will produce good fruit in their lives. At some point, they will give their lives to Christ. They will grow to be good citizens, husbands, fathers. They will lead others to Christ. And when the end of their earthly lives comes, heaven will become their new home. She knows it will make all the difference in their lives.

And we grown ups know this, as well, because it made all the difference in our lives, didn’t it.

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  1. Thank God we live in a country where we are free to attend gatherings of believers in Jesus Christ. I am grateful I was taken to church as a child…God used it to help mold me and make me who I am today.


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