SO many people love to go fishing. It truly is a great sport! They love it so much it seems as though that’s all they think about. They’re always planning their next trip: looking for new “great” fishing holes they’ve never been to and thinking about who they will ask to go with them. And, of course, how wonderful those fresh caught fish will taste once they’re cooked. Can’t you just smell them cooking?

Fisherman emptying his catch of king crabs

For many other people, fishing is their livelihood. I think of the deep sea fishermen casting their nets for shrimp and king crabs, and how excited they are when they arrive back home with their boats full.

I know a good number of avid fishermen of both descriptions. They are wonderful people. And, I surely do love eating the delicious fruit of their labors.


That kind of fishing is what this blog is all about. Let me explain.

Several months ago, the Lord answered a prayer I had been praying for some time. You see, I have been a full-time missionary for the better part of forty years. Beginning in 1979. Working in many parts of the world. However, it was becoming quite clear that changes were on the horizon. Understanding that, I began asking the Lord how these changes would affect my life. I wanted to know what He had in store for me. Was my work finished, or did He have something else for me to do? I really needed to know His plans for this season of my life. Here is what he said to me.

“Cast the net to the younger generations (plural) for full-time missionary service.”


Yes, He is. Through His Holy Spirit and people like me who are Casting His Net, as I am, to people like you for full-time missionary service. His answer to my question revealed His desire and need for more of His children to answer, “Yes,” to His call to become fishermen for Him. Harvesters, if you will, of the fields (the people in the world who haven’t heard about Jesus yet) that are ready to hear, ready to believe, and ready to become members of the family of God.

“Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest.”

John 4:35b NKJV

He’s fishing (casting the net) for men, women and young people who will in turn become fishermen themselves. Not to harvest the fish we love to eat. But to bring a great harvest of people into the family of God. That can only happen if they have opportunity to hear about Him and believe on Him. And that can only happen if someone goes to them and tells them about Him.

Is He calling you?

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